...and friends
Sandwich Loaf A meandering blog of sorts.
The Bran Flakes Musical fun with Mildred Pitt and friends spanning 30+ years.
Friendly Persuasion A smorgasbord of genre-hopping aural happenings in Sheena's Jungle Room on WFMU.
The Misty Ginger Roadshow Funky and salacious entertainment with Misty, Dick & Fluffy McFlufffluff in Sheena's Jungle Room on WFMU.
Slow Transit Music in a sound mausoleum over at Sheena's Jungle Room on WFMU.
Fantasies Unlimited Sondy & Otis
Sheena The Album WFMU Fundraising Marathon DJ Premium for Sheena's Jungle Room featuring Sheena DJs.
And this one's introduced by... Bran Flakes spotlight with Dr. Gonzo on 3CR out of Melbourne.
The Torch is Burning Treasured moments with Constance and Leland in Sheena's Jungle Room on WFMU.
Mindfulness For Jerk-Offs WFMU Marathon premium cassette compilation. Personality development through sound healing for the socially challenged.
Aloha Friday The Duchess von Karten & The Marquis de Fodder appeared live in The Coconut Cocktail Bar within Sheena's Jungle Room on WFMU.
Xanadu Suddenly, a 24-hour broadcast with Don-O in Sheena's Jungle Room on WFMU streaming all over the world.
Kooky Nuts Pop Vol.4 Compilation releaed on Istotne Nagr featuring The Bran Flakes released on Cassette & Digital.
J.E. Deluxe & Friends - Rouen Dreams Vinyl & CD released by Lion Productions featuring a remix on opening track "Ouverture Rouenllywood"
The Bran Flakes - Help Me Digital album release to Learn The Letter A and Ride The Tiger.
Fortyone - The Fortyfirst One Collaboration with Fortyone on the track "Some Fun Happy Sounds" on his 41st album!
The Bran Flakes - Ultimate Hits Selections from The Bran Flakes spanning 25 years released on vinyl by Future Logic Development Corporation.
Seconds in Sound [SINS] Live vinyl spin gatherings in Montreal with many friends over the course of 2 years.
A Home Digital Compilation released by Dig That Treasure featuring The Bran Flakes to benefit the Refugee Council (UK).
Criambique - Float CD of album remixes featuring a rework of the song "A Littling".
My Invisible Friend Vol. 1 CD Compilation released by Amalgamated Futureless Artists featuring The Bran Flakes with Os Caramboleiros & Logosamphia.
The Sound of Plaid Irwin Chusid & I join tradeMARK & Princess Frilly from the Evolution Control Committee for two hours. It's Raymond Scott... Rewired.
Less-Lethal Vol. 2 Compilation released with two patches in a paper kraft bag with red wax seal and a riddle download code.
Lobit, Lo-Fi, Low Brow Digital compilation of 8kbps MP3s + released on two 3.5 Floppy Disks in handmade scrap bags.
Raymond Scott Rewired CD & Digital release by Basta, mixed up by The Evolution Control Committee & Go Home Productions & The Bran Flakes.
Wordless Vocalizations Digital mix created for Dig That Treasure for listening in the early morning, late night, or perhaps by train overlooking the scenery.
National Cynical Network - Eat This! NCN remixes a Negativland Over The Edge show from 1998 featuring dAS, Don Joyce, Phineas Narco and Otis.
Colette Kids CD Compilation released by the Paris shop Collette featuring two songs from The Bran Flakes in a jigsaw cover designed by Kevin Lyons.
National Cynical Network - Money Music NCN edits a Negativland Over The Edge show from 2010 featuring Don Joyce, Phineas Narco, TradeMarkG, Wobbly and Otis.
T.J. Miller - Extended Play EP ReMixTape CD released by Illegal Art of T.J's Comedy Central album, featuring two fresh moving tracks from The Bran Flakes.
Zerofriends: The DVD Collection of fun from Zerofriends with The Bran Flakes' music on a couple of filmmercials.
Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura Bran Flakes interview on KBOO with Dr. Zomb and Rich In Washington when we were on a mini-tour with Evolution Control Committee.
50/50 CD Compilation of fifty tracks by artists from around the world compiled by Jon Nelson (Some Assembly Required) featuring The Bran Flakes.
Happy Freakin' Holidays WFMU blog post with two Christmas comps, Holiday FreakIn (2002) and Holiday FreakOut (2006, Mixed).
Running In Place: Locked Grooves Vinyl LP from WFMU featuring a barrage of Woof Moo Family. Contributed a couple of loops with Irwin Chusid.
R. Stevie Moore & Co. - Sentimental Ties Collaboration with Stevie on the track "Came Twice". Released on CD-R & Digital.
Sneakmove Minicomp 3 7-inch series featuring super short songs on the Anticon label. This volume was curated by The Bomarr Monk.
The Bran Flakes - I Have Hands Album released by Illegal Art on CD & Digital.
OP3N Comfort Stand Mix Digital mix through the OP3N Net Label. Featuring a handful of wonderful Comfort Stand artists.
365 Days Project Audio sharity project with 200+ contributors on WFMU and UbuWeb.
The Bran Flakes - Bubbles Digital compilation of previously released & unreleased material created from 1998-2007.
Yo Gabba Gabba Remix on Season 1, Episode 7 "Friends" and released on "The Dancey Dance Bunch" DVD.
Some Assembly Required Jon Nelson's fantastic long-running show featuring audio collage artists. Mildred Pitt and I joined in and Jon played a bunch of our tracks.
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman Remix of "Furioso Disco" on "The Happy Electropop Music Machine" released on CD & Digital.
Shirley & Spinoza Guest appearances with Fausto and Friends at Compound Eye in Oakland.
Comfort Stand Net Label with over 100 artists from 20 countries.
Ein Tribut An Der Plan Tribute compilation for Der Plan playing in The Malabar. Packaged in a DVD case with 8-page foldout and CD-R.
End - The Sick Generation CD Compilation released by Hymen featuring The Bran Flakes.
Il Programma Di Religione CD Compilation of 265 songs for each pope serving the Catholic Church from 32-2004 AD released by Boyarm featuring The Bran Flakes.
My Malady CD Compilation released by Mental Monkey featuring The Bran Flakes.
Entropic Advance - Mad Cow BBQ CD & Digital experimental electronic soundtrack for human brains in the midst of entropic decay from mad cow disease.
Porky Pig CD 4-split Album released by Standard Oil featuring Gelbert & Dan Deacon & The Bran Flakes & Big City Orchestra. Includes a comic and found photographs.
Music To Drive Cross Country By Digital solo release on Comfort Stand featuring R. Stevie Moore, Fall Silent, Ana Dem and Patricia Shetley.
Two Zombies Later Digital Compilation released by Comfort Stand featuring members of the Exotica Music Mailing list.
Cool and Strange Thrift Store Compilation Compiled with Dana Countryman and friends in 2003 for the magazine. In 2007 Lukas posted it up on the WFMU blog.
Gay Bar / Gabe R. Cover of Gay Bar by Electic Six with R. Stevie Moore for WFMU's Re:Mixology with DJ Jesuspants. There's a video too.
We Bore 2 CD-R Compilation released by Toast and Jam featuring The Bran Flakes.
Cool and Strange Music Magazine Dana Countryman's magical music magazine. Was on staff organizing and writing + Friendly Persuasion was the radio show.
Sonicabal 2 CD Compilation released by Seattle Experimental Music Collective featuring The Bran Flakes.
The Bran Flakes - Bounces Album released by Happi Tyme on CD & Digital.
R. Stevie Moore - Midi-Bran-Piano Rolls Moore Music converted to Midi files. Moore Music Moore Music Moore Music Moore Music.
Irwin's Show The Bran Flakes join Irwin's show on WFMU. With Mildred Pitt & Michelle Boulé.
Incorrect Music Having fun with Irwin Chusid & Michelle Boulé at WFMU.
R. Stevie Moore Family Album Volume 3 CD-R Compilation of Moore Music by friends and family featuring The Bran Flakes.
The Bran Flakes - I Don't Have A Friend Album released by Lomo Records on CD & Digital.
Commercial Ad Hoc CD Compilation released by Illegal Art featuring The Bran Flakes.
Industrial Goat Frenzy CD-R Compilation released by Noisegood featuring The Bran Flakes.
Sonicabal 1999 CD-R Compilation released by Seattle Experimental Music Collective featuring The Bran Flakes.
The Bran Flakes - Hey Won't Somebody Come And Play? CD-R released by Ovenguard Music in 1999 & previous on cassette by Happi Tyme in winter 1998. Issued again on CD in 2003 by Happi Tyme.
The Bran Flakes - I Like To Share Album released by Happi Tyme on Cassette.
This Is Ovenguard Volume 2 CD-R Compilation released by Ovenguard Music featuring The Bran Flakes.
This Is Ovenguard Volume 1 CD-R Compilation released by Ovenguard Music featuring The Bran Flakes.
Tape Heads 4 Cassette Compilation released by HalTapes featuring The Bran Flakes.
The Bran Flakes - I Remember When I Break Down Cassette release from 1996. Ovenguard Music released it on CD-R in 1998 with some tracks omitted and older ones added.
Bedroom Bands II Cassette compilation released by Funeral Tapes & Funeral Girl (Alicia Wade) featuring The Bran Flakes.
The Bran Flakes - Value Vs. Dosage Album released by Disaster Relief on Cassette.
The Mixology & Cardboard Flava Two 4-tracked mega-mixtapes released on cassette in 1992 & 1993. Added to the WFMU blog in 2008.